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Raised by deeply religious parents, she first started performing in church choirs.

Lavigne learned to play the guitar, and began composing her own music as a teenager.

Shankar grew up studying music and toured as a member of his brother's dance troupe.

For example, Mark OHarps of Arlington, Virginia, charges 0 for a large wedding and reception. Tucker Dale of Redondo Beach, California, charges 0 for up to two hours and an hour thereafter.

Over centuries, classical music has undergone addition, beautification, and improvement—always sticking to its traditional basis.

Today, the difference is that the changes are faster.”Born in India in 1920, Ravi Shankar is an Indian musician and composer best known for his success in popularizing the sitar.

A professional musician or band can take a wedding to another level.

Various solo musicians and bands specialize in pop, classical, standards, rock, R&B, big band, jazz or a combination of some or all of the above. Costs vary depending on the specific day of the week and date, distance the musicians must travel, their skill and experience, food and drink, gear, special requests, and how in-demand the performers are.

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