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Without DNS every host (PC) which wanted to access a resource on the network (Internet), say a simple web page, for example, would need to know its physical IP address.

With 100 of millions of hosts and billions of web pages it is an impossible task - it's also pretty daunting even with just a handful of hosts and resources.

While protecting IP addresses is the immediate concern for many users, DNSSEC can protect any data published in the DNS, including text records (TXT), mail exchange records (MX), and can be used to bootstrap other security systems that publish references to cryptographic certificates stored in the DNS such as Certificate Records (CERT records, RFC 4398), SSH fingerprints (SSHFP, RFC 4255), IPSec public keys (IPSECKEY, RFC 4025), and TLS Trust Anchors (TLSA, RFC 6698).

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To avoid such problems, it's helpful to know some background about AD–integrated DNS zones and replication.

I'll cover these areas, then show you an example DNS zone-location problem and steps you can take to solve it.

DNSSEC was designed to protect applications (and caching resolvers serving those applications) from using forged or manipulated DNS data, such as that created by DNS cache poisoning.

All answers from DNSSEC protected zones are digitally signed.

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