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) to the ensuing departures of Masai Ujiri and head coach George Karl. Gallo was that good in 2013 and a heavy bit of revisionist history has gone on to make it seem otherwise. It also brought into focus the inherent quandary that is The Rooster. Despite looking awkward he has a sometimes great one on one scoring game.

We all know that Nikola Jokic is now the player the Nuggets will primarily run the offense through given his other-worldly passing skills and exceptional court vision, but he’s just one of five players on the court.Post all-star break, Gallinari’s shooting percentages have increased substantially contending with some of the very best in the league.April 4th, 2013 You can make the argument that, along with the Denver Nuggets dashed playoff run hopes, that date marks a significant change in history for than just a single player.Gallinari’s hard work has gone over a little too quietly recently so I’m here to put a big spotlight on the Rooster’s contribution to the Nuggets this season—particularly after the all-star break.Gallinari is also a key defensive presence both on the perimeter and under the rim.

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