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Someone apparently asked the following as a comment on a recent video on my You Tube channel called “My Druggy Daze,” but it didn’t show up in the comments section (I get them as emails).

I don’t know if the commenter deleted it themselves or if something went wrong. In fact, […] I recently put up a video strongly criticizing the folks over at a website called Buddhist Geeks for promoting the use of psychedelic drugs as a “spiritual practice.” I’ve written and made videos about this subject before.

Below, you’ll find six sites that specialize in fostering open-minded communities. Everyone from punks to goths has a place on the following free alternative dating websites.

While not strictly an alternative dating site, Match is still a top choice among our experts because of their massive size and comprehensive search features.

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And more graphic fare, like what Cinemax aired late at night, was always scrambled on our cable box. People raised in an era when schools banned Bart Simpson T-shirts are now parents themselves.

And many will give their teens, or even pre-teens, smartphones that give them access to the entire internet.

It is news that this concern is now shared by an unlikely figure: James Deen, a childless 31-year-old who happens to be the most famous male adult-film star of his generation.

(Be forewarned that graphic descriptions of sex are inescapable in what follows.)Deen has been making headlines for years.

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