Funny dating myspace comments

Just like any 15 and 16-year-old it appears the Blank Space singer was all about trying to make it on a friend's top eight people list, insider jokes and showing of her oh-so-cool ability to drop the word 'F**k' in every second sentence.But while the singer is considered one of the world's most stunning, back in her teen years it seems like she struggled with the same self-doubt most people experience after their friend posts a bad picture. TAKING YOUR SPOT HAHAHAHA (evil laugh, you know the drill) [sic].'Well, anyway, listen my queer fellow, I thinketh we shall hangeth out sometime soon, eh? [sic].''''I definitely just deep-throated the lollipop.'' Heyy little girl.. hahahathanks for helping me with my computer troubles.

and if you're into that sort of thing, it's the place to meet people online.

Chroma Luna has a large selection HTML codes, images, glitter graphics and comments to decorate and "Pimp" up your My Space profile.

Our My Space Attitude Comments, Funny Comments and Sarcastic Comments will express your every mode.

—and most of that mega-traffic comes from net mavens well under 35.

it's never too late to join the fun, even if you're pushing middle age.

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