Husband who bullies and is intimidating

Church bullying is epidemic in many of our congregations. In my article on Wednesday, I deal with the topic of preventing church bullying.

Stories are usually built on the dynamic between good and bad, naughty and nice, which translates to a main protagonist and their evil nemesis, or in our case, a bully.

We collected the ‘best’ bullies from hit films that did justice to the concept of someone inflicting pain and trouble onto the good guy.

Once we found our list, we wanted to see what these actors are up to now, years from their role as the resident oppressor; you would be amazed at what they look like now.

However, it isn’t just children and teenagers who bully.

And in fact, there have been many notable cases of teen bullying, on and off the Internet (i.e., cyber-taunting on Facebook) that come to mind when we think of bullies.Ruthless and underhand tactics used by BBC licence fee agents can be exposed today.Under an aggressive incentive scheme, hundreds of enforcement officers have orders to each catch 28 evaders a week.In this article, I am going to set out a basic protocol for dealing with a bully that can be adapted to particular circumstances.Some bullies, of course, are not going to be open to reason, but it's still worth attempting to confront their behaviour directly, as this can be surprisingly effective if handled properly.

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