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Madonna opened the show with a speech about Jackson.For the finale of the show, they showed the trailer of Michael Jackson's This Is It.This year was also the first year since 2006 to return to the Radio City Music Hall for the awards and unlike in 2008, where the show was held in a warehouse, this show was at a real venue with a live audience.Rapper Wale and go-go band UCB served as the house band for the show, performing right before, during, and right after commercial breaks.

Along with his happy thoughts, the DC native opened up about his thoughts on Supremacist Sally, Tomi Lahren.

Looking at the album’s credits, few of rap’s most hyped producers are present on the album. The album continues to play with that super-slow tempo that everybody from Drake to Earl Sweatshirt has been messing with lately.

There’s a bunch of lesser-known beat-makers who Wale is looking to for beats. Wale’s style isn’t inherently "druggy" like a lot of rap’s modern kingpins, and he still puts a couple joints for the ladies on there.

Although you could still attribute those labels to the album’s tracks, it does appear to be a little bit more cohesive than his past albums. Osinachi, Jake One, Ayy Dot, Reazon, DJ Khalil, and Sonny Digital appear on the credits once each.

It also appears to be as natural of a progression from The Mixtape About Nothing and More About Nothing as you could expect, given we are five years removed from the latter. The beats are surprisingly cohesive when you take into consideration the fact that different producers created them all, essentially.

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