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On a social level, there’s also a certain honesty to being completely naked: in the sauna, everyone is exposed, and (in theory, at least) everyone is equal.That doesn’t mean you have to forget about what you wear on your way to the changing room, though – there’s more on Swedish fashion here.​I have been a big fan of sauna since I was quite young.My mother used to take me to her yoga classes and then we would sauna together with her friends. So when I first arrived, I was excited to try the Swedish way.So, me and a bunch of friends who are international students went to the sauna at Harryda (a few kilometers from Gothenburg).The facility is owned by Chalmers and its was really great.The first thing to remember is that, for many Swedes, there’s nothing particularly odd (or sexy) about getting naked in the sauna.

The temperature was slightly negative and at some point while we were having dinner (international dinner), it started snowing.(This actually strikes me as incredibly ironic because most of the time it’s on the rare side for a Swede to initiate a conversation…So, in my prudeness, I am thinking, ) Teenagers and the Sex…at Home Swedish parents are much more likely to allow their teenagers to have girlfriends or boyfriends sleep over, than they are in the US.It makes complete sense to me because I am of the mind that if the teenagers want to “hook up” then they are going to do so whether or not they are allowed to do so at home.The locker room is quite small and everyone changes out in the open.The two showers have no curtains and offer no discretion.

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