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Impact of a Computerized Clinical Decision Support System on Reducing Inappropriate Antimicrobial Use: a Randomized Controlled Trial Author(s): Mc Gregor JC, Weekes E, Forrest GN, et al. This randomized controlled trial evaluated the effectiveness and cost-effectiveness of a computerized clinical decision support (CDS) system for the management of antimicrobial utilization.

The system used was developed to alert the AMT of potentially inadequate antimicrobial therapy.

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From a business perspective, the data are how the FDA, other regulators, and business partners evaluate the worth of the product.

From an ethical perspective, clinical data affect treatment decisions, which affect patient health, and the patient population in question is virtually all of the United States and a significant fraction of the rest of the world.

Clinical database validation is making sure that clinical databases perform the functions required by regulations and guidances and is on another page.

Data validation is a series of documented tests of the data with the goal of ensuring the quality and integrity of the data.

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