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Sex education in the schools is not new, of course, but never before has it attempted to expose children to so much so soon.

Comprehensive sex education includes much more than a movie about menstruation and a class or two in human reproduction.

The nation's highest ranking health officer, Surgeon General Joycelyn Elders, has endorsed this approach as the chief way to reduce unwed childbearing and sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) among teenagers.

The pillars of the health and school establishments, including the National Association of School Psychologists, the American Medical Association, the National School Boards Association, and the Society for Adolescent Medicine, support this approach. Over the past decade seventeen states have adopted mandates to teach comprehensive sex education, and thirty more support it.

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Defended by its professional-class originators as "getting real" about teenage sex, it fails to speak to the grim reality of what the author calls "the new sexual revolution" among the young by Barbara Dafoe Whiteheadmid rising concern about the hazards of teenage sex, health and school leaders are calling for an expanded effort to teach sex education in the schools.

At the moment the favored approach is called comprehensive sex education.

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