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There appears to be increasing evidence of sexual favours being asked of women entrepreneurs bidding for contracts, or budding executives in the promotion queue.We take a closer look “The reason you’ll always be poor is that you’re not willing to do what needs to be done” is what budding entrepreneur Zandile Zulu* was told when she wouldn’t give in to a potentially important client’s sexual advances. Zulu, an events co-ordinator with her own company that specialises in weddings, but also does government and corporate events, had just launched her venture when she received this indecent proposal.‘I’m even keeping my surgically removed penis in a jar by my bedside to remind me what those sick perverts did to us pretty boys in prison.’ Although boxing commentators were initially stunned by Tyson’s revelation, many have admitted the signs were there.We’re in the kitchen of her home in Clapham, south London, which she bought for £21,500 in 1973, and is now worth more than a million. At 17 she had a relationship with a man called Anton (“I suspect he was a real s***, but young women are vulnerable to that”) and nearly married another man, with whom she stayed in contact.

The month before, officers found Sarah when she was staying at the Super 8 across the highway.

It was a major disappointment to them that I never married and had children because that’s what every Jewish parent wants.” Her strong personality triumphed and she joined “Gay Yids”, lecturing about her sexuality in synagogues.

During last year’s Australian citizenship ceremony, she told the country’s then Prime Minister Julia Gillard, “I’m a dyke.” When her partner’s family gave a party for her – “very middle-class, conservative, decent, and I love them” – she said, “I can imagine the very last thing you want is a fat lesbian Jew.” changed enormously for the better over the years.

AUSTIN — It's close to midnight, more than five hours since police officers came through the door of Sarah's motel room.

She is just starting to pick french fries out of a fast food bag that has sat untouched in front of her.

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