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“But guys are worrying about getting food on the table for their families,” he added, “and we’re pushing a message affecting two states in the Union and maybe three or four or five congressional districts.” The Rust Belt, from which Ryan hails, kicked Democrats’ ass on Election Day.

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And that’s a major, major problem in politics.” He described Democrats’ remote strategy as going into these states for six months around election time, “bombarding” them with ads, and then leaving—and either not building, or losing track of, long-standing relationships with the communities that used to be rock-solid for them. Tim Ryan is calling his bid to oust Nancy Pelosi a "David versus Goliath" type clash -- a back bencher competing against the top House Democrat who made history in 2007 when she was sworn in as the first female speaker of the House."If you're a quarterback and you keep throwing interceptions, you change quarterbacks," the 43-year-old Ryan, a former high school football player, said in a recent interview criticizing the record of Pelosi, 76, and arguing it's time for a younger generation to take the reins.He had been making calls to fellow members that morning to gauge whether Pelosi had locked in two-thirds support of the caucus, as she’d publicly claimed.“I’ll just tell you,” he went on, “if you’re a working-class person drinking a beer on Steel Street in Youngstown, you’re not worried about the Zika virus.” He added, for good measure, that he believed funding the response to Zika was important, and it was a “dereliction of duty” for Republicans to let that linger.

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