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Though I am not an avid Parker 51 collector, I have always wanted to find an all gold example.This limits the choices to two ~ The Gold Plate Signet/Insignia, or the Gold Presidential.

When people said it was sleek, but did not look like a pen, we relaxed.My main collecting interest is the Parker “51” and its many variations, from pre-production varieties all the way to the last U. I use a Parker “51” every day, modified to fit my taste, such as a custom Torelli-made hand hammered copper cap with a smooth fine nib (I write a lot of numbers for a living…) or a “51 Imperial” converted from an original Parker Vacumatic, with a stub nib (for those million dollar contracts…) The first “51” I ever saw sat in my father’s drawer since the days of my early childhood.I remember the glistening gold cap and its futuristic shape.Its production spanned from 1941 to the early 1970s.The Parker 51 fountain pen was named because research and development was completed in Parker's 51st year (1888 - 1939).

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